Friday, June 28, 2013

{FiVe for FRIDAY} fun.....and a new find !!!

Hello, all my lovely bloggin', summer lovin', teacher friends!!  How is your summer going???  Just swimmingly, I hope :)

I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching and having some {FiVe for FRIDAY} fun. 
Don't you just love that Friday sneaks up on you during the summer?!?!  During the school year, we can tell anyone (down to the microsecond) how far away Friday is.....but not now, my friends.....who knows what day it is at any given moment during the summer???  NOT me!!!

My {FiVe for FRIDAY} is incredibly random this here we go:

1)  I have been stalking this poor woman's blog every day patiently waiting for this **FANTASTIC** reading notebook to come out!  She has done a 4th grade version and a 5th grade version and I have been on the EDGE OF MY SEAT waiting for the 3rd grade edition to come out and it!!!

Nicole from Teaching with Blonde Ambition has created this awesome resource.  It is Common Core aligned (which doesn't help me at all....but we share many of the same standards) and it is my newest find!!
Click here to see her blog post about it and see more images from inside ( it now!)
2)  I have been book shopping like a crazy person!  In case you didn't hear, I will be self-contained next year and I am in desperate need of books and ideas on how to teach reading/writing.  I got a ton of new books and a label maker (teacher heaven....I know!!!) and have been busy as all get-out trying to get them all labeled and ready to go!
3)  My #1 reason that I look forward to summer each year is this, right here:
Unlike my 10 year old, Miss Caitlyn (who wants to play outside, stay the night with a friend, climb a tree, etc.).....this little one, Miss Jaci Brooke, LOVES to play with momma!  She is "cheesin'" and I love every bit of it.  She takes naps on my chest and wants nothing more than ME!!! 
She is my joy!! 
4)  What is summer without a little fingernail polish fun?!?!?!  I don't have time during the school year to do this......but I'm gonna try next year.  It's fun!!
 5)  Last, but not least, professional development!  Does it ever end?!?!?  I have so many different books I want to read this summer and I have no idea how I'm gonna get it all done! 
That's my random and crazy {FiVe for FRIDAY}!  Don't forget to link's the last one for the summer {until August}!!

Keep livin' the dream,

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