Saturday, May 25, 2013

Planets and.......the {DIRT} on soil

As I've said before (like, 100 times before), we are up to our eyeballs in science right now!  Trying to cram in a semester of science in 7 weeks is beyond absurd.  What the heck was anyone thinking (myself included)?????

We wrapped up our solar system unit (the kids were very upset about this.....very, VERY, very upset).  They could have spent the rest of the year on the solar system!  They were put into cooperative learning groups and did research on each planet.  Then, they presented their findings to the class and made posters to go along with their presentations.  They all did so good!!!!

When we finished our planet presentations, we went into landforms and soil.  I found this adorable {FREE} foldable from The Teachers' Cauldron
 The kids loved getting to draw their landforms.  I used this as an assessment tool because, right now, getting them to stay engaged is like pulling teeth!!!  I figured if they could draw, I would get more out of them......and I did!!! Here is one of my kiddos' drawing of an island.  Tell me this kid doesn't understand what an island is!  How cute is that? 
Then, after landforms, we dove into dirt.....or soil, rather! I found this awesome unit on soil.....and everything involved with soil.......from Natalie!  It comes with all the info you need to complete the activities.  For the life of me, I cannot get the picture to transfer, so you'll just have to take my word for it.  I loved it!  We did some whole group stuff with it, some group work and then some independent practice with it.  My all-in-one soil resource. 
Next week, we are getting into ecosystems and inherited traits and behaviors.  I'll let ya know how that goes.  Are anyone else's kids just DONE with school at this point??  I mean to tell ya, anytime I ask them to do anything that requires effort or thought, they look at me like I'm the wicked witch and then they groan in despair.  It really makes you feel like "Teacher of the Year", ya know?? 
I have some really cool, neat, "no thought required" stuff for the last week of school......we just have to make it that far!!  Wish me luck :)
I know that some of you are already out for the year {I hate you} enjoy your time off!  For the rest of you going back to work on Monday.....enjoy your Saturday night and Sunday.  Rest. You'll need all the energy you can muster these last few days!
Keep livin' the dream, 

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