Saturday, April 13, 2013

{CURRENTLY} and a little Type A personality fun

Hello, all!!  Good Saturday to ya :)  Don't you just love weekends???  God's gift to teachers, I'm just sure of it! 

Today, I'm linkin' up (for the 1st time....yay!) with Farley from Oh' Boy 4th Grade for some April {Currently} action!

Here goes nothin' :

1. Listening- my mother made all of us kids a CD of the music that we used to listen to growing up.  My mother was so musically oriented, it wasn't even funny.  Now, when I hear the CD, it almost makes me cry.  But a good cry :)

2. Loving- as much as I love my baby and the joy she brings me......I do enjoy nap time.  The other kiddo is watching some TV and eating my sunflower seeds.  Therefore, I blog!

3. Thinking- Target?  Need I expand on that??  Nope, I don't think so....

4. Wanting- usually, almost 99% of the time, I love school.  I'm a nerd.  I love to learn.  But this class I'm taking now, "School Finance" is going to drive me to drink.  UUUGGGGHHHHH! It's awful. Can't I just run the school and pay someone to handle the finances??? 

5. Needing- my nephew turns 11 today!!  We already bought his gift (which is rare for me, I'm the "day of the party" type of shopper), but I need to wrap it before we meet up for some homemade enchiladas (YUUUMMM)!

6. Advice- it goes without saying, but I have noticed that my memory has failed me too many times to not mention the importance of writing. everything. down.  I can't rely on my own memory any longer.  Sad day :(

Moving on.....

Am I the only one thinking about next year......already????  Every time I do my blog stalkin' (which is quite often), I am making a list of things I want to implement next year.  As a matter of fact, just today, I made a Facebook post about my Type A personality.  I am a planner and I cannot help myself! 
Anyhoo......I'm gonna finish getting ready and run to Target.  For what, you ask???  I have no idea.....but I'm sure I'll find something :)

Keep livin' the dream,


  1. Thanks for commenting, thought I'd return the favor!!

    I totally love your advice & your notebook pic. You are not the only one who forgets - I am pretty organized, but I a hoarder pile. Once it gets overwhelming I clean.

    My problem with notebooks is I don't make a new one each year, that should be my plan - a new "binder" each year with a place to store my notebook.

    Now YOU have me thinking about next year, LOL!! You {obviously} aren't the only one doing that either.

    Nice "meeting" you as well :0) - it's funny how these linkys & blogs connect you to people who, "you'd TOTALLY be friends with" if you met them in real life!

    1. Hi, Miss Kristan! Thanks for stoppin' by :)
      I just love that about the blogging meet people and instantly know "we'd so be friends in the 'real' world"......hehe

  2. Mandi,
    I am already thinking about next year too. Next year is the year that I do everything that I didn't do this year....then I'll realize what I still need to do for the year after that. A never ending cycle! LOL! I just because your newest follower. I love to see what other 3rd grade teachers are doing.
    Bouncing through 3rd grade

    1. Hi, Andrea! Thanks for following my little blog glad to have ya!!!
      And you are not kiddin' about the never ending cycle......its madness ;)

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